Student Housing Agreement and Guidelines

Please Read carefully before clicking “agree” and signing your application. Make sure you understand clearly all the clauses and implications of this agreement. By signing the Institute’s Participation Agreement, you are accepting the terms and conditions of this document.

I understand that: 

  • The Institute is committed to my success and satisfaction in the program and will make every reasonable effort, without guarantee, to meet my lodging requests, roommate requests, and personal preferences to the best of its ability. All roommate requests must be reciprocal to be considered.
  • I have the right to living accommodations that include but are not limited to, a single bed in a shared bedroom, a night table, dresser or wardrobe, shared bathroom with shower or tub, kitchen with refrigerator w/freezer, stove, a microwave/toaster oven combo or microwave and oven, dining area or kitchen table, dishes, basic kitchen utensils, washing machine, drying rack, iron, ironing board, utilities (heat, hot water, electric) and WiFi Internet access.
  • Televisions are not provided.
  • I am not going to be living on-campus but rather in off-campus housing in private residential apartments that will vary greatly in look, age, size, number of rooms, location, distance from the Institute, amenities, furnishings, views and other differences.
  • Certain amenities including elevator, air conditioner, dishwasher, clothes dryer, television and other items that are not required or listed above may be present in my apartment and that these extras may or may not be functional, nor is it required that they be repaired by the landlord.
  • WiFi Internet will be provided in all apartments but is not guaranteed to reach all rooms of the premises with equal signal strength due to wiring restrictions and thick stone walls.
  • I will be living in a European city that dates back more than two millennia and that many of the buildings, particularly those in the historic center, may have been constructed decades or even centuries ago. As such, apartments, by American standards, may be viewed as aged or dated, with antique doors, old decor, old kitchens and appliances, and may contain wall frescos, paintings and antique furnishings.
  • The building, external facade and entrance of my apartment will vary in appearance. It may feature street art, large antique wooden doors, look excessively weathered and aged which is normal in Italy.
  • Apartments will be located within a 30-min or less walk (via google maps) to at least one of the Institute’s main buildings which is considered an acceptable distance and for which public transport or bikes will not be required for a timely commute.
  • Apartments may be located in buildings where the exterior or neighboring apartments may be under various stages of restoration and include external scaffolding, noise expected of a work site during hours deemed appropriate by Italian laws and standards, alternative entrances, and other minor inconveniences temporarily imposed by restoration or other works.
  • Pets or animals of any kind (including service animals) are not allowed in Umbra Institute apartments, facilities, or Institute-sponsored activities or events (this includes all activities including but not limited to day trips or overnight field trips and extracurriculars). 

Cleaning & Maintenance 

  • I am responsible for keeping the apartment clean and tidy as per the Institute’s basic cleaning standards and for the cleanliness of my bedroom, bathroom and all communal areas within the residence.
  • I should participate in the division of tasks with my roommates including cleaning, tidying up and other necessary tasks to keep the apartment livable. I understand that this may involve adapting my personal habits.
  • I am expected to take adequate care of equipment and furnishings, and that I will be held responsible for any loss or repairs to the structure, household items, decor, furnishings and equipment.
  • The Institute staff, rental agency representatives, repair persons, and cleaning crews may enter the apartment at any reasonable time to inspect and/or carry out cleaning or work for any purpose in the furtherance of their responsibilities or duties. I understand that I will be given prior notification of maintenance visits, but this may not always be possible. Furthermore, I understand that the Institute will attempt to accommodate any request that I and/or my roommate(s) be present during such visits, but that my presence is not required and cannot always be guaranteed in based on the availability of scheduled maintenance and class obligations and that I will not be excused from class if I want to be at the apartment during maintenance visits or inspections.
  • I must report any maintenance issues to the Institute Housing Office as soon as they are identified (leaky faucets, clogged drains, no hot water, broken appliances etc.).
  • In any living accommodation, maintenance requirements (heat, hot water, electricity, drains, appliances) may arise and may not have been possible to predict.
  • Maintenance requests must be made by using the Institute App or by email and should include a detailed description of the issue and photos and/or video.
  • The Housing staff is not on call 24/7 and are only available during Institute hours and unavailable on weekends unless there is an emergency.
  • Maintenance requests will be responded to by email within one business day, although it may take some days before repairs can be made depending on the severity of the problem and availability of local maintenance staff and materials.
  • If my roommate(s) and I are unable to clean and maintain the apartment in accordance with Institute standards, a cleaning service will be employed to do so. In such a case, I understand that all occupants of the apartment will be charged an equal portion for this professional cleaning service (150€ or more per apartment).

Roommate Etiquette

  • I will be housed with other students in shared accommodations and must treat my roommates and nearby residents with respect and concern for their privacy, quiet times and sleep hours, and I have the right to the same level of respect from others.
  • I agree to put in my best effort to live well together with the other students involved and cooperate when any problems/issues amongst us should have to be solved.
  • If roommate issues cannot be resolved, the Institute will assist upon request.
  • Alcohol abuse, drunkenness, use of illicit substances and drugs is not allowed and may be grounds for serious sanctions or dismissal.
  • I must refrain from making excessive noise, playing loud music, and creating any other form of noise disturbance after 10pm and before 8am and will help ensure my roommates do the same.
  • Italian homes are not well-insulated for noise and even seemingly harmless actions – such as wearing hard- or high-heeled shoes indoors – can cause excessive noise for my downstairs neighbors. Therefore, I will not wear shoes such as these between 10pm – 8am.
  • There is no smoking permitted in the apartment.
  • Out of respect for my roommates and their personal privacy, I will not bring guests into the apartment without permission.
  • I am responsible for purchasing or sharing the purchase of all consumable household items, such as toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, kitchen spices, etc.

Health, Safety and Security

  • I must ensure that the apartment address or any other identifiable marks are removed from the apartment key chain that is provided to me in case it is lost or stolen.
  • I am responsible for the keys to my apartment and that I must immediately report any lost or stolen keys to the Housing Office and that I will be responsible for paying for replacement keys, and if the Institute determines that the apartment and building’s main door locks on the building must be changed, I will also be responsible for that expense.
  • I must not disclose my apartment’s location or specific address to any individuals who are not participating in the Institute’s academic program or employed by the Institute.
  • The possession or use of illegal substances is strictly forbidden and is cause for immediate expulsion.
  • For security reasons, and in consideration of others, overnight guests are strictly forbidden including family and friends.
  • Areas of my housing complex may be monitored by video cameras for security reasons and may include entrances, hallways, courtyards, gardens, and other common areas for residents and that video surveillance is not necessarily managed by the Institute but can be managed by owners, landlords, agencies or condominium administrators and therefore, the viewing or extraction of images is managed by third parties.
  • Unauthorized or unregistered guests (non-Institute students) must never be present in the apartments at any time.
  • All apartments have been cleaned, sanitized and inspected for pests and bedbugs prior to arrival.
  • Traveling means potential exposure to bedbugs. If bedbugs or other pests are discovered before the third week of the program (14 days after arrival) the Institute will promptly intervene and take care of all costs associated. After 14 days of arrival, my roommates and I will be responsible for all costs associated with the intervention including treatment, cleaning of linens and clothing, and temporary lodging.
  • The discovery of bedbugs is not considered an emergency and will be addressed during Institute working hours.

Humidity and Mildew

  • Mildew (called “muffa” in Italian) is a very common occurrence in Italy and the result of condensation on the walls of my apartment caused by humidity and lack of fresh dry air circulation.
  • In order to prevent the appearance of spotted mildew, I must use a fan and/or the windows of the apartment must be opened to allow air to circulate to remove humidity especially after taking showers and cooking or when hanging clothing to dry.
  • It is my responsibility to immediately report the appearance of mildew and the Institute will perform or assist with appropriate remediation.
  • Mildew is not “black mold”, nor would the sudden appearance of limited areas of spotted mildew be cause for alarm, nor grounds for temporary lodging or changing apartments, but will be promptly addressed by the Institute.
  • Mild cases of mildew and mold will be treated quickly and can easily be controlled by me and my roommates with household products and as instructed by Institute staff.

Changing Apartments

  • The Institute will not facilitate any changes in living accommodations during arrivals and orientation week and that requests for apartment changes will be addressed ten days after the start of the semester program and five days after the start of the summer program. All such requests must be submitted in writing and cannot be guaranteed.
  • I am not permitted to change my housing assignment or move in with students of other apartments without prior approval from the Institute.
  • Apartments in older European cities such as Florence and Perugia will vary greatly from what I may be used to in my home country and that it may take some time for me to adjust and appreciate my new environment.
  • If I request to move and alternative accommodations are available, it may require that my roommates and I are placed in separate locations, and my original housing requests (single bedroom, ground floor, etc.) may not be honored.
  • The Institute does not maintain open/free apartments on hand and may not have alternative accommodations available immediately if I am to be relocated.
  • Should the Institute be able to accommodate my request to change apartments, additional housing costs may be applicable, and I will be expected to pay them in full within 30 days of receipt.


  • I must personally communicate directly with the Institute, and the Institute will communicate with me exclusively for any questions, concerns, or issues regarding my accommodations.
  • The Institute will not communicate with non-approved third parties. This includes parents, guardians, friends, family members or other individuals.

Rights of the Institute and Landlords

  • I will be living in a private dwelling and the Institute staff and landlords may enter the dwelling without advance notice, although every effort will be made by the Institute to inform me and my roommates in advance and will only enter when there is no answer at the door.
  • The landlord and the Institute reserve full license to evict any student for inappropriate behavior, (see student conduct code agreement), including but not limited to egregious violations or repeat offenses after behavioral warnings.
  • If I am evicted, I will be immediately responsible for finding my own accommodations at my own expense, and there shall be no refund.
  • It may be necessary, for reasons beyond the Institute’s control, to change housing arrangements throughout the term. This includes but is not limited to adding or removing students from apartments or changing apartments on short notice.


  • My roommates and I are responsible for any damages to the apartment.
  • Upon arrival, I must inspect the apartment and report any damages to the Housing Office during the first week of the program. I understand that failure to do so may result in damage fees being levied on me and my roommates at the end of program inspections.
  • Any charges incurred for damages or other expenses incurred will be distributed equally among all the occupants unless the individual(s) that caused the damages takes responsibility.
  • I will not personalize the appearance of the apartments including rearranging furniture, beds, wall art and other items without permission from the Institute nor will I hang posters, pictures or other items or forms of personalization that may damage the walls or damage any other surfaces in the apartment.
  • My transcript will be placed on hold until payment for damages or other payments due are received in full.

Energy Use and Conservation

  • Utility expenses are included in the program fee and students are expected to respect the privilege of this by carefully monitoring the usage of the utilities.
  • All lights, heating (if applicable), appliances, fans, and all electronic devices must be turned off when not in use and when leaving the apartment.
  • Excessive use of utilities (electric, gas, heat, water) such as leaving lights and heating on when traveling will incur bills in excess of the allotted amount and will result in additional charges which will be distributed equally among the occupants.
  • Heat in some apartment buildings is not controlled by the Institute and use is determined by Italian law under Zone D regulations and may be set to operate for limited hours per day as part of the conservation laws.

Hold Harmless and Release of Liability

  • My participation in the program is voluntary, and I agree to hold harmless the Institute for theft or personal injury associated with the apartment, residence, homestay or other housing I have been assigned.
  • The Institute does not carry theft or damage insurance for personal items or property, and that my roommates and I are solely responsible for any such losses including theft.
  • The Institute advises students to secure a travel insurance policy prior to their arrival that will cover the loss, theft, or damage of personal items while traveling. I understand that I must carefully review any policies to ensure they covers items in my apartment throughout the length of the program and to be familiar with any policy exceptions or exemptions.

Vacating the Premises

  • I must vacate the premises at the end of the term on or before the date communicated to me by the Institute, return the keys, and leave the premises in the condition in which it was given to me, or I may be responsible for cleaning, damages and/or other incurred expenses.
  • All personal items must be removed by the move-out day. The Housing Office reserves the right to charge a removal fee for any unwanted items that are left behind.
  • If I do not utilize the housing assigned to me for any reason or decide to find lodging on my own at any time before the end of the program, I will not receive any compensation or refund.

I hereby affirm that I have voluntarily enrolled in the Institute’s study abroad program, and have read fully, understand and agree to the clauses, statements and conditions in this document and acknowledge that in signing and submitting my application for admission or the Institute Participation Agreement, I agree to its content as a legal and binding obligation and contract.