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Students Get Rare Tour of Perugia

This Sunday, approximately sixty students of the Umbra Institute were guided on a “behind the scenes” tour of Perugia by Zach Nowak. A five year resident of Perugia, author of a major guidebook on Perugia, and peer-acclaimed Perugian scholar, Nowak was the perfect person to lead such a tour.

Winding through the labyrinth of Perugian streets, Zach uncovered hidden historical landmarks, places of importance, and even gave an impromptu lesson on winemaking in his vineyard near Porta Sole. The excursion lasted approximately two hours and gave students a better understanding of their home for the next few months. (text and photos by David Wyman, Student Services Intern)

In photos: Nowak speaks to students from Porta Sole, the highest point in Perugia; students and staff gather in Piazza della Repubblica along Corso Vanucci.

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