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The Roman Empire Class goes to Rome


On Friday, November 2nd and Saturday, November 3rd, the Roman Empire class trekked through Rome to see first-hand the monuments, forums, and geography of their class material.  The first activity was a walk that followed the same path as the ancient Triumphus tour, a celebratory parade through ancient Rome to display the spoils of victory and military heroes.  Next on the agenda was a tour through the Capitolini Museums.

“This way, students can see the real monuments and the real places where everything we say in class actually occurred, so they can use their imagination to make those places living back into the Roman times,” explained the course professor, Giampiero Bevagna. 

Saturday began with a tour of the Roman Forums.  Professor Bevagna led students through the ancient public spaces, explained their importance, the history behind them, and the emperors they were associated with. 

Seeing the forums enhanced the material students are learning in class.  “We were able to apply knowledge from the classroom to a real world setting,” said Max Richards. 

Charles Hancock added, “It put a location to our studies – it made everything tangible and relatable.” 

Roman-Empire-Field-Trip-November-2012-015The field trip ended with a tour inside the Colosseum. For a final project in Roman Civilization, students will each focus on a different Roman emperor; now, they will have the images of ancient Rome in their minds to bring these figures to life.  All in all, a great start to the weekend!

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