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Tiramisù Heaven

What do chocolate, sugar, and coffee have in common?Yes, they all are delicious, but they’re also the ingredients in the famous Italian dessert known as tiramisù, or in English, ‘Pick me up!’. Some say the recipe for this dangerously satisfying dessert can be traced back to 17th century Siena where it was created for the Grand Duke Cosimo de’ Medici III. Others contest that it was invented in Treviso at Le Beccherie restaurant by the confectioner’s apprentice whose maiden name was Tiramisu.

Students in Italian 310 learned cooking terms as they prepared tiramisù with the professoressa Barbara. Each student had a hand in making the dessert which will ‘pick them up’ after tomorrow’s Italian quiz. No matter its origins, everyone can agree that this dessert doesn’t disappoint and is a sweet reward for hard work studying!

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