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Transitions from Perugia

How do students deal with the transition back into American college life after spending a semester in Perugia, Italy?

Not easily, from what several recent Umbra alumni have told us. However many of these former students are finding ways to continue the Italian experience from home. Dan Bower hosted his first meeting at Northeastern University for an Italian Club, joining Italian exchange students and Americans in one cultural organization.

Bree Barton performed with the Human Beings International Theater Group in Perugia – now she takes a lead role in an improv group at Amherst College (in photo, right).

For many, there is one way to savour the memories of studying abroad – by eating. Jocelyn Fielding (Northeastern) and Rachel Bethany (Brandeis University) met for some pasta in Boston’s – famously Italian – North End district (note street sign).

Umbra alumni, how do you handle the transition? Email us [email protected].

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