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Umbra Proposes a Toast

Umbra would like to congratulate photography professor, Philippa Stannard, as she has recently picked up the new title of “Sommelier.” Ms. Stannard embarked upon the challenge of becoming a wine expert in February of 2005. As of this past May she is now qualified to work with wine on an expert level.

Aside from appreciating fine wines, Ms. Stannard plans to exercise her knowledge by working within the local community at wine tastings and related events and festivals. Ultimately, Ms. Stannard says she would like to take her knowledge of wine into the classroom, conducting courses on wine specifically for in English speakers in the region.

Looking to take the edge off the heat? Our new expert says that nothing beats the heat like icy cold Champagne or “Spumante” as it’s known in Italian.

Cin, cin! Salute a Philippa Stannard!

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