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Happy Umbria Jazz Eve!

Perugia is on the eve of one of its most celebrated events, Umbria Jazz. Since 1973, jazz lovers from around the world have flocked to Umbria Jazz, a time when the streets of Perugia vibrate with music and culture from dusk to dawn.  This year, the Umbra Institute’s Intensive Italian program and Clemson University students have the opportunity to partake in the revelry.

Past festivals have featured acclaimed musicians, including Elton John, Van Morrison, James Brown, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, and Francesco Cafiso. This year, the legendary Sting will headline the 11-day event on its last day, July 15.  In addition to ticketed concerts, the international audience may attend free shows throughout the city. During Umbria Jazz, one can’t walk through the center of Perugia without stumbling upon some tunes.

As Sting might say, “Be still, my beating heart.”

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