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UNICEF Aperitivo

Last night, Umbra students who participated in the UNICEF Pigotta project gathered along with the UNICEF volunteers from Perugia and the president of the Perugia UNICEF branch, Iva Catarinelli. During the aperitivo, Paola D’Amora (Umbra intern and head of the project from Umbra) conducted a video conference call with Joana Garceau, whoinvented the Pigotta project. Paola and participating students asked questions and learned more about the Pigotta project from its founder.

After the video call, the UNICEF volunteers and Umbra students exchanged videos that were filmed during the workshops and Signora Luisa Blasi (Perugia UNICEF volunteer) spoke about how much the Umbra students’ help had meant to her. It was always a goal of hers, she said, to bridge the gap between the young and the elderly through this wonderful cause. She encouraged the students to bring the Pigotta project back to the states with them and create their own initiatives as she has done here in Perugia. After speaking about this, she presented each Umbra volunteer with a small gift from Perugia so as to remember their time with her and the touching evening came to a close.

Keep your eyes out for the videos! Soon to be available on Umbra’s channel (umbraviews) and Umbra’s Facebook page!

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