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Venice Wears a Mask! (not literally!)

If you had taken a stroll, or, well, a boat you might say, around the streets/canals of Venice this weekend, you would have witnessed the charming scenes of her carnivale. Bright and decorative masks, parties, more masks, bird masks, and more parties marked the occasion in sweeping style, giving all those in attendance something to remember. Full Immersion student Emma Harper made for the world’s most beautiful bog with several of her classmates from the University for Foreigners, and despite the weather (which was boggy and cold) had a great time. “The most amazing thing”, notes Emma, “was that all three of us felt transported to another time. Almost everyone was in costume, and they weren’t just posing for pictures; they were doing everyday activities, like having a coffee in Piazza San Marco, or casually talking with friends in the street. All in all, it was beautiful. Venice was more colorful than you could possibly imagine!”

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