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Welcome to Umbra Fall 2012

study abroad italy perugia fall 2012On Friday, Aug. 31, students arriving for the Fall 2012 semester at the Umbra Institute landed in Rome and continued to Perugia on a sleepy, three-hour bus ride.  Orientation began at Hotel Giò, where students met future roommates and classmates, explored the area, and enjoyed their first meal in Italy with the Umbra staff. 

On Saturday morning, students began moving into their apartments, where they had time to get settled, unpack, and see some sights around Perugia.  That afternoon, they attended an open house at the Umbra Institute and became more familiar with the city on practical walking tours. 

It was a busy afternoon as the Italian Language professors proctored placement exams, and students solidified and reworked courses and schedules.  Many students also signed up for a trip to Capri, Sorrento, and Naples this upcoming weekend with Addy and Julie!

The open house continued on Sunday afternoon, when there was assistance provided for the Permit of Stay and guided tours for upper level Italian students.  To end orientation, students gathered in the Oratorio Santa Cecilia for the Safety and Academic Information Meeting in which Umbra staff reviewed policies and procedures. 

Students have already begun their Intensive Italian week and are busy with grammar lessons in the morning and “Survival Italian” throughout Perugia in the afternoon! 

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