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Wine Tasting the Organic Way

Recently a group of Umbra students made their way to the Vitivinicola Chiorri vineyard for a wine-tasting. The Chiorri family has a long tradition of winemaking, and their English-speaking son-in-law hammed it up as a tourguide, leading the group around and explaining the winemaking process. Americans have the idea that Italians make wine by hiking up skirts and pants and crushing grapes with their feet, a là “I Love Lucy,” but almost all commercial vineyards use modern processes. This particular vineyard, however, processes the grapes naturally,
 using only the natural yeast on the grapes’ skins for fermentation, without addinganything else. Chiorri vineyards have seven different types, and the students tried a red, a white, and a rosè. Also included was lunch and a history of the family – bravi!

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