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The Hat of Italy’s Green Heart

Last Sunday some twenty Umbra students, accompanied by several professors (and Desire the Dachsun), set off into the rolling wilderness surrounding Spoleto bound for the summit of towering Monte Luco. And it couldn’t have been a better day for a walk in the woods- a cool, clear February sky, with a light breeze. 
Having completed the 10K journey to the top (no, it wasn’t exactly an expedition on K2) the band of hikers took a moment to catch their breath on Luco’s lovely cap, eating lunch at the quaint Ristorante Ferretti, which specializes in traditional Umbrian cuisine. From there it was a winding trip down the river like switch-backs of the mountain, and as one student reported, “Going down was easier than going up!” All in all, the group was understandably tired, but pleased to have spent some time in the delightful “green heart” of italy.

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