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4-12-2011 Umbra Professor Has A New Exhibition

Umbra Fine Arts professor William Pettit III will be hosting a joint exhibition.

As the bohemian press release states, “Serafino and Bill have known each other for a short period of time. It was a casual meeting, like those that happen on the street, and like those that happen, inevitably, on the streets of Art. They don’t really have much in common. They are different in appearance, age, and culture. One is Italian and one is American. One is more than fifty, the other not yet 40. One is tall and thin, the other perhaps less so. But something brings them together.”

Professor Pettit describes his artistic journey as a sort On The Road-esque. Nostalgic physical, and temporal, through recollection and recycling the past, even if imaginary, parallel to the traces in snapshots and scraps pinned to the wall. His language too is cyclical: he writes the same poems, sings the same songs, paints the same pictures again and again, and there is no distinction between them. The exhibition will be on April 16th in Tuscania at the gallery “I magazzini della lupa.”

The exhibition is accompanied with a text by Yvonne Dohna, art historian and critic.

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