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A Student’s Guide to a Relaxing and Affordable Weekend in Perugia

While there are plenty of events and places to visit in Perugia and its surroundings, here is a top list of recommendations and things to do from one of our Umbra Reps students, Janet Scharmer.

Studying in central Italy presents an abundance of tempting weekend getaway options. However, constant travel can be both tiring and costly. Sometimes, a relaxing weekend in Perugia, exploring its quaint charm and affordable attractions, is just what you need. Here are some suggestions for enjoying Perugia without breaking the bank.



postmodernissimoPostModernissimo Movies: Entertainment for Rainy Days
For a rainy day, the PostModernissimo Cinema is perfect for watching English-language movies with Italian subtitles. The cinema regularly updates its selection, offering both new releases and classic films. With tickets priced at 5-7 EUR, it’s an affordable way to enjoy a movie. Located in the Art District of Perugia at Via del Carmine 4, PostModernissimo provides a cozy retreat.




Marla: A Vibrant Nightspot
Looking for a chill night out? Marla, a cozy yet spacious bar, is the go-to spot. Known for its live music, DJ sets, and jam sessions, Marla attracts both Umbra students and locals, creating a lively social atmosphere. The diverse music selection, ranging from jazz to rock, ensures a unique experience each night. Don’t miss the eclectic artwork adorning the walls and the comfortable seating areas. Located a mere two-minute walk from The Umbra Institute at Via Bartolo 11, Marla offers free entry with reasonably priced drinks, typically between 3-6 EUR.



Too Good to Go: A Culinary Adventure
Experience Perugian delicacies affordably with the Too Good to Go app. This innovative app helps reduce food waste by allowing restaurants to sell their surplus food at discounted prices. Simply download the app, create an account, and explore various offerings from local bakeries, pizzerias, and gelato shops. Surprise bags, priced between 3-5 EUR, are filled with a generous selection of treats – perfect for sharing or saving for later.



flowersSaturday Farmer’s Market: A Local Experience
The Saturday market in Perugia is ideal for those who love shopping, authentic cuisine, or just a change of scenery. Reachable by the MiniMetro at Pian di Massiano, the market showcases tents teeming with fresh produce, clothing (both vintage and new), and an array of other goods. It’s an entertaining destination, whether you’re shopping or just browsing. Open from 8 AM to 1 PM every Saturday, entry is free, but remember the MiniMetro ticket costs 1.50 EUR.




san francescoPiazza San Francesco: An Urban Oasis
For a serene outdoor spot, Piazza San Francesco is unmatched. Ideal for reading, drawing, picnicking, or simply lounging on a sunny day, this green space is a quiet escape in the urban setting of Perugia. The presence of free WiFi also makes it a great spot for outdoor studying or catching up on calls. Nestled in front of the stunning Chiesa e Convento di San Francesco al Prato, this courtyard is open to the public at no cost.

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