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Fair Trade Students Host Film Screening

CESP 351 students hosted a film screening to encourage the local community to become more aware of issues surrounding fair trade

Last Thursday, CESP 351: Fair Trade Seminar & Practicum students helped with a film screening event co-hosted by Monimbò Fair Trade Bottega and PerSo Perugia Social Film Festival to encourage the local community to become more aware of the importance of fair trade due to current global issues and trends. The screening took place at Cinema Méliès, where at least 75 members of the Perugian community came to view Out of Fashion.

Out of Fashion was created by Estonian directors Jaak Kilmi and Lennart Laberenz. It follows a young stylist’s journey as she produces upcycled clothing, a sustainable production practice where excess material is used to produce a new article of clothing rather than being thrown away. After the screening, Co-director Lennart Laberenz was present to share his experience in helping create the film and field questions from the audience.

Later this semester, CESP 351 students will also assist with the screening of The Last Farmer, a film that focuses on fair trade’s relationship with neoliberalism, globalization, and small-scale producers.

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