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Magical Moments in Perugia

What’s a mixer without a rabbit in a hat?
Umbra students who attended the welcome buffet at Zibaldone were treated to a special surprise when a local magician stopped by. Both students and professors mingled over drinks and munchies while the “mago” wandered through the crowd, entertaining everyone with a host of tricks. When they weren’t being beguiled, students sipped fruity drinks out of pineapples, swayed their hips to the evening’s soundtrack of old school favorites, met others from Umbra, and brushed up on their language skills with native Italians. After a few hours at Zibaldone, the crowd dispersed and students went out to experience their first night in Perugia without jet lag, although restraint was the word of the evening: after all, Umbra elective courses did start the next day.
All in all, there’s only one way to describe the first few days of life in Perugia: enchanting.

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