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Food, Community, and the Mediterranean Diet in Italy
With Professor Chris Fink of Ohio Wesleyan University

The Mediterranean Diet has often been promoted as one of the healthiest diets in the world. It has found broad appeal in part because of its rich, fresh flavors, and focus on ‘traditional’, often romanticized foods. But, the role of community, conviviality, and connection through food is often ignored. 

In this course, we will examine the history of the Mediterranean Diet, how it rose to prominence, and how it is put into practice in and through the community: at markets, kitchens, gardens, in general discourse and rhetoric, and at the dinner table in present-day Italy, particularly in Perugia, and more broadly in Umbria. 

Aside from course content, students will have the opportunity to get hands-on experiences outside of the classroom to more effectively understand the nature of food and community. Some of these include:

Experience the Real Italy

Each semester, Ohio Wesleyan University students take advantage of the Umbra Institute’s beautiful location in historic Perugia, Italy. The close partnership between OWU and Umbra allows students to complete courses, taught in English, that count toward their degree. Courses are designed to use Perugia as a classroom and to give students ample time to travel elsewhere in Italy and Europe. 

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Live Like an Italian

All apartments are located walking distance from the Institute and the city’s many events and amenities. With panoramic views abound, the city invites exploration & discovery around every corner.

Apartments are fully equipped (WiFi included!) making it easy for you and your friends to plan a dinner in or to catch your next train or plane out of town, and explore pizzerias, trattorias, or coffee bars.

Being a university city, Perugia hosts events throughout the year—from Eurochocolate to the Umbria Jazz Festival. Whether attending one of Umbra’s workshops (ex. Travel Workshop) or events (ex. Wine Tasting), there is always something to do!



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