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The University of Vermont in Italy

Experience the Real Italy: Each semester, UVM students take advantage of the Umbra Institute’s beautiful location in historic Perugia, Italy. Courses are designed to use Perugia as a classroom and to give students ample time to travel elsewhere in Italy and Europe.

Live like an Italian: Learn to appreciate the Italian lifestyle. Umbra provides students with shared apartments within a 5-15 minute walk of the Institute, allowing for innumerable opportunities to enjoy mid-day siestas, eat a panino on the fountain steps, and walk the city center like a native. Apartments are furnished with full kitchens so that you can try to duplicate your favorite new Italian dish. WiFi is provided both within the Institute and in each student apartment.

The close partnership between UVM and Umbra allows students to complete courses, taught in English, that count toward their degree. All UVM students can consult the list on this Transfer Office page: simply select “Roger WIll U/Umbra/Italy” and click on get courses. Click to view course equivalencies. UVM Food Systems students can both take classes that count for their major and fulfill their summer internship requirement working in Umbra’s urban community garden or for a winery partner. CDAE majors can use most classes to count for CDAE 195: simply speak with your advisor.

Housing & Student Life

All student apartments are located within walking distance of the Institute and the city’s many events and amenities. With panoramic views abound, the city invites exploration and discovery around every corner.

Apartments are fully equipped (WiFi included!) making it easy for you and your friends to plan a nice dinner in or for your living room to become a meeting place before going out to catch your next train or plane out of town, or to explore pizzerias, trattorias, or coffee bars.

Being a university city, Perugia hosts events throughout the year—from Eurochocolate to the Umbria Jazz Festival. Whether attending one of Umbra’s workshops (ex. Travel Workshop) or events (ex. Wine Tasting), there is always something to do!



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