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Scooting Around Umbria’s Backroads

A group of students discovered their new favorite mode of transportation to explore the region of Umbria – rented scooters. Anywhere from six to ten friends spent the weekend behind the wheel as they toured their way to Gubbio. Gubbio is located in northeast Umbria, where the roads curve and swerve up and down through picturesque hills. With its postcard-quality Italian countryside views, Gubbio is arguably one of Italy’s finest cities.

On their scooters, the group – comprised mostly of full-year students – were able to follow country roads to visit smaller Italian cities that are bypassed by bus and train routes that bring both locals and tourists throughout Italy. With a group that got as big as ten, they created quite the scene for motorists and locals they passed in a long strand of highly-revved scooters. If the weather cooperates, the students plan to hit the open road again this weekend to explore more of Umbria.
(Text and photos by Reid Williamson, Student Services Intern)

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