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Student Art Show

Last night’s vernisage was a welcome break from the hectic, end-of-semester sprint to study for exams and put the finishing touches on papers. Most of the student body attended the art opening, held in the Via Bartolo building. On display were not only the works of the drawing classes (still lifes as well as full-scale human portraits), but also the photographic marvels wrought by students armed with Photoshop. This semester for the first time Umbra gave awards for the best photo overall and two honoroable mentions.

Laura Houd’s photo of a gondolier in Venice took the top award, and Max Young and Christina Kavanaugh received honorable mentions. All three picture will be framed and hung in the halls of Umbra. And last but certainly not least, students in Umbra’s fresco painting class finally unveiled their completed works from the semester. This last contribution sets out Umbra from most other study abroad programs, and is a perennial crowd-pleaser during the art show. Congratulations and benfatto to all student artists, as well as to professors Stannard and Pettit.

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