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Students Sample The Wines of Italy

All Umbra students arrive in Perugia anxious to learn more about Italian culture and society. A significant aspect of Italian industry, tradition and daily life revolves around wine, better know as to Italians as vino. One of many Umbra activities which is not only educational but enjoyable, is the Umbra workshops on the wines of Italy.

Last Monday, a group Umbra students enjoyed a private wine tasting at Enone, a local enoteca, to learn more about Italy’s wines. The degustazione was led by Flaviano Rossi, sommelier and owner of Enone. Staff Regina Tingle (shown, photo right) was on hand to assist in the tasting. Students were invited to sample three very different wines. Besides sampling wines, students learned the correct way to open a bottle and table etiquette when serving wine. Flaviano started with a sparkling white wine from Lombardia. I Germogli was a 2004 IGT wine from the winery Monsupello that was vinified from red Pinot Nero grapes and goes well with antipasti. Students then moved onto another white wine also from the north of Italy. Manna from the vineyard Franz Haas in Alto Adige was a light-bodied white that can be paired with poultry dishes. Manna was also a 2004 IGT wine. To finish up, students tasted a red wine from Puglia, in the south of Italy. The Negramaro Cantalupi from Conti Zecca was a unique wine in that, the grapes used to create the wine, negramaro grapes, are found only in Puglia. A smooth red wine, the Negramaro Cantalupi would compliment meat dishes.

This was the second of three wine tastings that will be held this semester at Enone. The Umbra Institute offers wine tastings as a regular activity available to students while they study in Perugia.

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