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Summer Semester 2022 is ON!

Our Summer Semester 2022 has begun this weekend with the arrival of students in Perugia and a 2-day orientation session. Classes have finally started today, Monday May 23rd, and the Umbra staff is genuinely so happy to see crowded classes and corridors again!

The atmosphere is curious, colorful, summery, and light-hearted. Photography, our history and culture of food in Italy course, special faculty-led programs, and a unique cooking class got the ball running today.” We’re so excited to have these students here” said Director, Ph.D. Zachary Nowak, “back in a Perugia that is now more ready than any time in the past two years to welcome them as temporary citizens”.

As always, the students’ well-being is foremost among our priorities. We’ll do our best (and more) to give them the unforgettable and safe experience they signed up for.

Have a wonderful time, y’all!

The Umbra Staff

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