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Umbra Students in Cucina

As part of a rich cultural activities series, the first of a number of Umbra Cooking Classes began last night. Professional chef and part-time resident of Perugia, Christine Hickman, walked the students through a recipe for traditional Italian gnocchi (potato dumplings). Hickman has been teaching cooking courses for close to 15 years and her expertise is warmly welcomed by Umbra students.

Students first prepare the gnocchi and the fresh tomato and basil sauce themselves and then sit down to enjoy their savory creation.

Along with offering the class some of her delicious homemade oatmeal cookies for dessert, Hickman also supplies the students with the Italian recipes and helpful cooking tips she has acquired up over the years. Hickman will lead more cooking classes throughout the semester before returning to Santa Fe, New Mexico for the winter where she’ll continue working on her new cookbook dedicated entirely to the many varieties of gnocchi. Buon appetito!

In photos: Sarah Chadwick from Baldwin Wallace College; and Caroline Cuddihy and Adriana Quiros look on as Christine Hickman demonstrates.

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