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Urban Engagement Internship Students meet with Borgo Bello

Last Thursday, Umbra Institute students in the Urban Engagement class met with the local Borgo Bello neighborhood association to hear about new initiatives to “enhance the livability and usability” of the old town. 

Volunteers are aiming to recover knowledge about the society and culture of the city in order to strengthen its sense of community.  Umbra students listened to longtime Borgo Bello residents as they discussed promoting Perugia’s heritage, redesigning spaces in the city center, and ways to create new social ties. 

 At-Borgo-Bello_ The Umbra Institute

“It is about going out of your comfort zone and doing things you normally would never do,” said Umbra student Alexandra Breschi. “The ‘Popo’ gave a great description of his life in Perugia when he was a kid. It is so amazing to learn about Perugia’s immense history through the eyes of a longtime resident.”

The online newsgroup “Tuttoggi: Quotidiano online dell’Umbria” featured this story with a mention of the Umbra Institute – read more at

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