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Who Invented Pizza, Anyway?

Last night, after meeting at the Fontana Maggiore in Perugia’s main piazza, students and staff members Mauro Renna and Zach Nowak went to one of Perugia’s hidden gems, the pizzeria “Pizza e Musica.” After finding their way through back alleys to the pizzeria (unannounced by any sign), the students met the Neapolitan pizzaiolo (pizza man) Felice. Nowak gave some of the history of pizza – from simple Neolithic grain cakes cooked on rocks to the story of the name “Margherita” – but the workshop really got fun when students Tiffany Bass and Stephanie Schmidt got to try to actually make the pizzas. After a few focaccia, the students turned the wood-fired oven back over to Felice and then all enjoyed a pizza of their choice, followed by dessert (panna cotta and tiramisù) and of course caffè. Buon appetito!

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