Community Engagement Opportunities at Umbra

A study abroad program should be more than merely a changing of backdrop. The Umbra Institute organizes a multitude of opportunities for students to immerse themselves in the local community, and to ultimately understand and appreciate Italy in rich, resonant ways. As an Umbra student, you can choose from academic internships, community-based courses, service learning projects integrated into elective courses, volunteering, independent research, extra-curricular activities, language exchanges, and cooperative (Co-Op) education. Over 80% of the Umbra student body participates in one or more of the community engagement course offerings each semester.


Perugia’s manageable size and Umbra’s well-established relationships with community partners — local artisans, internationally-recognized companies, schools and universities, city and regional government, fair trade cooperatives and festivals, museums, and Italian families — allow Umbra to enrich the study abroad experience through direct contact with locals of all ages and occupations. Community engagement is a cornerstone of Umbra’s educational philosophy: becoming an active member of Perugia’s bustling social, cultural, and commercial life is one of the most rewarding experiences of time spent abroad.


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How Can I Participate?

During the application process you will have the opportunity to indicate the community engagement course(s) you wish to enroll in. Once Orientation Week in Perugia begins, you will attend the Community Engagement Information Session, an overview of the semester’s community engagement offerings. This is a time for general inquiries as well as a chance to ask any questions you may have.


If you would like to discuss specific academic requirements or interests please send one email to the Coordinator of Community Engagement: Julie Falk