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Midsemester A Busy Time For Umbra Students

The Italians call it “Crazy March” for the unexpected changes in weather which mark the transition from winter to spring. The same can be said about this time at Umbra, when students are busy with their academic work, co-curricular excursions, and their own personal travels.

Last weekend, two classes left Perugia for overnight excursions. Students enrolled in Archeology of Italy spent two days exploring ruins in Tarquinia and Cerveteri, ancient towns north of Rome (in photos). Another group of students spent one day in Florence and another in Rome analyzing the art of Michelangelo. Umbra’s academic program includes on-site learning opportunities for several courses. This weekend, students enrolled in the Roman Empire, Perugia through the Ages, and Food Cultures courses will embark on their class trips.

It is also that time of the semester when students flock to the computer labs at Umbra to prepare for midterms. Students have research papers, presentations, and exams on their minds – with the solace that spring break begins next Wednesday.

In photos: members of the Archeology class around the ancient burial mounds in Cerveteri; three Elon University students take a break during the Archeology trip for a sunset on the beach near Tarquinia.

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