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Studying Abroad in Italy: Reflecting and Sharing the Experience of a Lifetime

Students enjoy Monday’s Photo Art Show

The Fall 2015 General Studies Program has officially come to an end. In order to reflect on their study abroad experience and share their interpretation of life in Italy with the Umbra community, students participated in a series of Community Engagement activities as a final salute to Italy.

Monday, December 7th
Photography Art Show: The Art Show was a lovely display of images taken by students in both the Introduction to Photography and Visual Communications courses. Each image represented a unique perspective of Perugia as well as the interpretation of each student’s Study Abroad experience, as a whole. 

The final product of a semester of collaboration between Fontenuovo and Umbra’s Fresco Painting class

Tuesday, December 8th
Theater Workshop Final Performance:
In Teatro della Sapienza, Umbra’s theater club shared all it learned about theater this semester through the performance of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged & Revised). Students introduced the tragedies and comedies to a large crowd of American and Italian peers who they regularly involved in their performance in order to inspire gasps and laughs throughout the night.

Wednesday, December 9th
Fresco Painting Inauguration:
Throughout the semester, Umbra’s Fresco Painting students have been studying modern and historic techniques and context relative to the Fresco Art. Students then put to practice all that they learned in collaboration with Fontenuovo, a local residency for the elderly. In honor of Fontenuovo’s 130th anniversary, students created a lovely fresco painting of the Perugian skyline and unveiled their beautiful artwork during their end-of-semester Inauguration ceremony.

Community Engagement Presentations: These presentations were designed to allow students from thirteen courses with community engagement components to share their experiences through conference-style presentations. To learn more about the topics presented and the class that won Best Presentation, read Students End their Study Abroad Experience with Community Engagement Presentations.

WW1 According to Umbra’s Museum Interns: Throughout the semester, Umbra Museum Seminar and Practicum students have learned about the operations and functions of museums, leading to their final project: creating a WW1 exhibit in direct collaboration with the Palazzo Sorbello House Museum. This Wednesday afternoon, the Umbra community was invited to tour the exhibit and receive a personal tour provided by Umbra Museum Interns.

Urban Spaces Students stand with Perugia’s Sindaco to celebrate community collaboration

Urban Spaces Terrace Initiative: With support of the City of Perugia, the collaboration of the Association of Borgo Bello, and the help of the residents of Borgo Bello, Umbra’s Urban Spaces students have been working to create a common place on the terrace of Via del Cortone. Students researched various place-making methods and became involved in the community in order to understand the perfect way to meet the local need and desire for an area designed for relaxation and community. To celebrate their project, students met one last time with those in the community who are sponsoring the project, including the Sindaco, Mayor, of Perugia who shook the hand of each student and thanked them for their contributions. The project was celebrated with live music and bruschetta cooked over a fire on the terrace of Via del Cortone.  

Creative Writing Public Readings: Throughout the semester, Umbra’s Creative Writing students have been analyzing Italian literary classics in order to expand their knowledge of diverse writing methods. In order to share what they have learned, each student presented one of their favorite short stories that they wrote this semester during a public reading in the Caffé di Perugia. Stories pulled both tears and laughs from the crowd as students reflected on their time in Perugia and the fact that it is never too cold for gelato.

Thursday, December 10th
Archaeology Museum Tours: Umbra’s Archaeological Discoveries students provided two tours through Perugia’s Museo Archeologico Nazionale; highlighting Perugian history during the Etruscan period. Each student presented a summary of their findings regarding one artifact which they had researched during the semester as they worked with the museum. Students mentioned what is still unknown to archaeologists about the Etruscans and shared the history of what has been understood of Etruscan work-life, entertainment, and death rituals. 

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