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Enrich Your Study Abroad Experience by Volunteering at UNICEF

Unicef-Students-flag (Small)Umbra students are proving yet again to have not only a smart brain, but also a big heart!

A team of 10 Umbra students is currently volunteering with the UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund) Pigotta Project, which helps fund the distribution of life-saving kits to children and their mothers in need throughout the world. After watching a touching and inspiring Audrey Hepburn read the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, the students were ready to make their own contribution towards a better world. How? By designing and creating, with the help of local Unicef-Sewing closeup (Small)UNICEF volunteers, their own unique pigotta, a traditional rag doll. These dolls will eventually be displayed and adopted through donations of 20 Euro. 

Mind you, a pigotta is no simple doll. It will have its own ID postcard with its name, weight, height, nationality, and eye color. And what a variety we have! Who would not want to adopt an elegant 16th century lady pigotta? Or a Harry Potter pigotta? And what about a Gandalf the Grey pigotta?

Working side-by-side with Italian university students and volunteers, Umbra students are experiencing a rewarding intercultural exchange, while actively participating in a worldwide humanitarian project.

Congratulations to the UNICEF students for their social commitment, and good luck to their Pigotte!

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