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Waiting for the Food Conference

In a couple of weeks the Umbra Institute will open its doors to a court of international Food Studies scholars for the 6th edition of the biennial Food Conference in Perugia.  A record number of applicants proposed papers for this...

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How To Get Into Graduate School: Umbra’s MPP and FSE’s Holistic Curricular Concentrations Promote Professional Prospects

Workshop Introduction  In response to the numerous questions surrounding the process of getting into grad school, Umbra's MPP chair, Dr. John Dennis, and Umbra’s director, Dr. Zachary Nowak, hosted a workshop in the last week of the program before students’...

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Umbra Prof Publishes on Sustainability and Conviviality

That food is more than just a meal is not a shockingly new idea. Food studies has moved from a marginal field in academia to become a common ground for scholars across disciplines to analyze the symbols that food carries....

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Education in Italy – Interview with Dr. Natascia Petringa

In the dynamic world of education, embracing diversity and fostering inclusivity are paramount. We recently sat down with Dr. Natascia Petringa, part of our faculty, to talk about her journey in the field as a scholar and teacher. After over...

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Umbra Art History Professor Presents on Futurism

Most people think of Italian Futurism as a man’s movement. Even at Palazzo Strozzi’s retrospective on Natalia Goncharova the curators announced in wall text: “Futurism admitted no women.” Marinetti’s 1909 Founding Manifesto indeed declared a “scorn for women,” but a...

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My Semester in Perugia

An opinion piece by Natalia Caicedo  My name is Natalia Caicedo and I’m a student at Clark University. During Fall 2023 I had the amazing opportunity of studying abroad at the Umbra Institute in Perugia, Italy. Although I’m a psychology...

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