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Tim’s Guide to Perugia Nightlife

Written by Umbra Rep Timothy Ringie, University of Massachusetts - Amherst  I’ve always had a pretty strong idea of what I wanted my study abroad experience to look like. I knew that I wanted an experience other than one in...

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How-to: A Packing Guide for Your Spring Semester Abroad

By Lauren Lewis (she/her/hers) - Umbra Rep Spring '20 and UConn student I was three days away from my abroad adventure in Perugia, Italy. I had already fully packed three suitcases and my carry-on and was anxiously counting down the...

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Best Spots to Eat on a Budget in Perugia: Lexi’s Selection

By Umbra Rep Lexi De Marinis, University of Richmond Looking for a quick lunch between classes, or maybe a spot for a nicer local dinner? Here are my favorite places to eat in Perugia for every occasion.   Sandwich: Piada...

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A Taste of Cafés in Perugia

Written by Umbra Rep Noah Singer, University of Vermont Coming to study abroad in Perugia, one of my goals was to find a charming café where I could read, write, do homework, or simply relax and people-watch.  As you could...

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Grocery Shopping in Perugia

By Lexi DeMarinis, University of Richmond When you first arrive in Perugia, Italy for your semester abroad you will most likely spend the first week trying every pizzeria, pasta dish, and torta al testo in town. Then, you will realize...

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10 Things to Do in Your Free Time in Perugia

by Umbra Rep Lauren Pawlowski, University of Connecticut Part of adjusting to life in a new country while studying abroad is figuring out ways to make this place feel like home. Exploring the city and surrounding areas is exciting, but...

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