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Harvesting Wine Grapes and Olives: My Immersion into the Italian Culture

by Umbra Rep Timothy Ringie, University of Massachusetts Amherst When I began planning out my study abroad experience over a year ago, the thing that captivated me the most was the idea of immersing myself in a new culture to...

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Returning Home: Demonstrating your Experience

Once the semester ends you will be thinking of getting back to your friends and family, settling back into your old routine, and even how to deal with reverse culture shock. But it is also very important for you to...

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How to Succeed While Studying Abroad in Italy

1) Set goals and make waves. If you don’t do so during pre-departure, set goals for yourself during the first week or two in Perugia. Umbra recommends that you establish at least one goal related to your career readiness and one related...

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Setting Yourself up for a Successful Study Abroad Experience

Planning for study abroad isn’t always easy, but there are things you can do to help make the process a stress-free experience. Below are a few tips we have for ensuring you are properly prepared prior to your departure.  1)...

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Best Places to Eat Between Classes

By Olivia Venuta, University of Denver and Umbra Rep Fall ’19 Being a full-time student can be time-consuming and most school days, I don’t have time to walk home and make lunch. Lucky for me, Umbra is surrounded by delicious...

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Workout in Perugia

by Kathryn Donati, College of William and Mary and Spring ’19 Umbra Rep There are a lot of factors that go into choosing a study abroad program, things like location, program cost, dates, and classes. Fitness usually tends to fall...

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