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Lessons from Orti Dipinti: Could this be Orto Sole’s Future?

By Haley Benbow, Harvard University  A 6:35 AM meeting time pulled the students of the Green Cities class out of bed bright and early last Friday morning. We had a train to catch. We were heading to Florence to visit...

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How I Will Never Eat Cheese The Same: Takeaways From The FSE Field Trip

By Umbra Rep Jackie Hanson, Arcadia University When you are eating a slice, what do you think of? Do you think of how the cheese is made, the people that have helped make the cheese, or the factory that it...

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My Reflections on the Food, Sustainability & the Environment Program

By Umbra Rep Lauren Pawlowski, University of Connecticut The Food, Sustainability & Environment Program (FSE) made my semester abroad in Italy unforgettable! Participating in immersive learning experiences, such as culinary workshops and tours of food production facilities, allowed me to...

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Umbra’s Didactic Garden: New Collaboration with UniPg’s Green Team

The Umbra Institute's didactic garden, Orto Sole, will be an outdoor laboratory for a new collaboration between the University of Perugia's Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences (UniPG). Headed by Professor David Grohmann, the UniPG Green Teams consists of...

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Umbra Institute Assumes Management of Urban Garden

Starting in September 2021, the Umbra Institute assumed management of the urban garden known as “Orto Sole” (pronounced “orto-soul-ay”) to develop it as a living laboratory for the Institute’s Food, Sustainability and Environment program. Until recently, Orto Sole was a...

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Food, Sustainability, & Environment Students Visit Italian Gastronomic Heartland

Last weekend, students in Umbra’s program for Food, Sustainability, & Environment (FSE) went to Parma and Modena for what is one of the most significant field trips of their study abroad experience. Accompanied by the three co-instructors of the FSE...

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