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Cinecittà: A Dive into the History of Cinema

By Umbra Rep Faith Duggan, Clark University Close your eyes and pretend you just got off the short train ride from Perugia to Rome. Take a deep breath in; inhale the new city smell, bask in the warm sunny glow...

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The Frugal Student: Top 3 Day Trip Destinations Near Perugia

The summer is flying by and locals are flocking to the nearest beaches. But which are the best day trip destinations for your next visit to Perugia? This blog kicks off our summer blog features for The Frugal Student – a series...

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Visit Italian Museums for Free on the First Sunday of Every Month!

When students choose to study abroad in Italy, one of the first things on their mind is the beauty found walking through medieval streets, strolling across aqueducts, or meandering through museums. Italy certainly knows how beautiful she is and wants...

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