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Tim’s Guide to Perugia Nightlife

Written by Umbra Rep Timothy Ringie, University of Massachusetts - Amherst  I’ve always had a pretty strong idea of what I wanted my study abroad experience to look like. I knew that I wanted an experience other than one in...

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Living in a Homestay: an Immersive Experience

By Umbra Rep Agnes Tessner Risser, Wellesley College Hello, my name is Agnes Tessner Risser, and I am currently studying abroad at the Umbra Institute for the Spring 2022 Semester. I requested to live in a homestay with an Italian...

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Adventure in Your Backyard

By Umbra Rep Alexis Kulish, Arcadia University It is pretty typical for us study abroad students to want to catch as many flights as we can to explore the maximum amount of bucket list destinations during our time abroad. However,...

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How I Will Never Eat Cheese The Same: Takeaways From The FSE Field Trip

By Umbra Rep Jackie Hanson, Arcadia University When you are eating a slice, what do you think of? Do you think of how the cheese is made, the people that have helped make the cheese, or the factory that it...

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Cinecittà: A Dive into the History of Cinema

By Umbra Rep Faith Duggan, Clark University Close your eyes and pretend you just got off the short train ride from Perugia to Rome. Take a deep breath in; inhale the new city smell, bask in the warm sunny glow...

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My Reflections on the Food, Sustainability & the Environment Program

By Umbra Rep Lauren Pawlowski, University of Connecticut The Food, Sustainability & Environment Program (FSE) made my semester abroad in Italy unforgettable! Participating in immersive learning experiences, such as culinary workshops and tours of food production facilities, allowed me to...

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