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A Student’s Guide to a Relaxing and Affordable Weekend in Perugia

While there are plenty of events and places to visit in Perugia and its surroundings, here is a top list of recommendations and things to do from one of our Umbra Reps students, Janet Scharmer. Studying in central Italy presents...

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Making Friends Abroad

An opinion piece by Vanessa Sordello Who would I go on adventures with? One of my biggest concerns before moving abroad was making friends. I was so eager to satisfy my list of activities that when it came down to...

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Book a ticket to Cagliari– Right Now!

  An opinion piece by Elsa Martin Floating on my back this weekend, a creamy blue sky above me, and jewel-tone waters below, I vowed that I would never leave Cagliari– Sardinia’s most southern city. I had a backpack full...

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What I learned in the Italian Classroom

By Angelie Roche, St. Mary's College of Maryland Of all the fears I've overcome while studying abroad, I never expected to overcome my fear of teenagers. I love to teach and have a lot of experience with young children, but...

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Umbra’s Critical Disabilities Class Partners with VIVA Sports

By Angelie Roche, St. Mary's College of Maryland   Many of the classes offered at Umbra include a service learning component, which enriches students' education through unique community engagement opportunities. One such course is Critical Disabilities, which includes a weekly...

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Lessons from Orti Dipinti: Could this be Orto Sole’s Future?

By Haley Benbow, Harvard University  A 6:35 AM meeting time pulled the students of the Green Cities class out of bed bright and early last Friday morning. We had a train to catch. We were heading to Florence to visit...

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