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Waiting for the Food Conference

In a couple of weeks the Umbra Institute will open its doors to a court of international Food Studies scholars for the 6th edition of the biennial Food Conference in Perugia.  A record number of applicants proposed papers for this...

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Perugia Through a Student’s Eyes: Navigating Markets, Music, and the Food Scene

A Personal Guide to Perugia by Allie Ahlbeck Studying abroad can be intimidating. You are in a new place, with a new culture and it can be daunting to encounter the unknown. While these feelings of uncertainty and unfamiliarity are...

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A Student’s Guide to a Relaxing and Affordable Weekend in Perugia

While there are plenty of events and places to visit in Perugia and its surroundings, here is a top list of recommendations and things to do from one of our Umbra Reps students, Janet Scharmer. Studying in central Italy presents...

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Lessons from Orti Dipinti: Could this be Orto Sole’s Future?

By Haley Benbow, Harvard University  A 6:35 AM meeting time pulled the students of the Green Cities class out of bed bright and early last Friday morning. We had a train to catch. We were heading to Florence to visit...

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How I Will Never Eat Cheese The Same: Takeaways From The FSE Field Trip

By Umbra Rep Jackie Hanson, Arcadia University When you are eating a slice, what do you think of? Do you think of how the cheese is made, the people that have helped make the cheese, or the factory that it...

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My Reflections on the Food, Sustainability & the Environment Program

By Umbra Rep Lauren Pawlowski, University of Connecticut The Food, Sustainability & Environment Program (FSE) made my semester abroad in Italy unforgettable! Participating in immersive learning experiences, such as culinary workshops and tours of food production facilities, allowed me to...

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