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Waiting for the Food Conference

In a couple of weeks the Umbra Institute will open its doors to a court of international Food Studies scholars for the 6th edition of the biennial Food Conference in Perugia.  A record number of applicants proposed papers for this...

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Perugia in the Summer: Culture, Nature, and Food

Perugia, nestled in the heart of Umbria, truly comes alive in the summer. This vibrant city, with its rich tapestry of cultural festivities, historical treasures, and breathtaking natural landscapes, serves as an ideal destination for those eager to immerse themselves...

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Packing Essentials for your Summer in Perugia

As the summer term approaches, we are happy to share this short packing list with our prospective students to help prepare for the upcoming summer session at the Umbra Institute in Perugia. Here are the key things you should not...

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Things You Will Gain During Your Time Abroad: An Acrostic Poem

An opinion piece by Ava Donovan As there are only a few days left in the semester, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my time in Perugia so far. The first thing that comes to mind is...

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What to expect when you don’t know what to expect!

An opinion piece by Bella Iacovetta I had my heart set on coming to a small Italian town. Perugia was the best choice for me, but I was still unsure what to expect. I have been fortunate enough to come...

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Looking for Greenery? A Student’s Guide to the Best Outdoor Spots in Perugia

An opinion piece by Amanda Hutson As someone who loves being in nature, I’ve spent my first month in Perugia seeking out the best parks and gardens to spend time in. Whether it’s for a stroll, to read, or to...

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