How to Succeed While Studying Abroad in Italy

Jul | 16

1) Set goals and make waves. If you don’t do so during pre-departure, set goals for yourself during the first week or two in Perugia. Umbra recommends that you establish at least one goal related to your career readiness and one related... Read More
Setting Yourself up for a Successful Study Abroad Experience

Jul | 03

Planning for study abroad isn’t always easy, but there are things you can do to help make the process a stress-free experience. Below are a few tips we have for ensuring you are properly prepared prior to your departure.  1)... Read More
Best Places to Eat Between Classes

Jan | 16

By Olivia Venuta, University of Denver and Umbra Rep Fall ’19 Being a full-time student can be time-consuming and most school days, I don’t have time to walk home and make lunch. Lucky for me, Umbra is surrounded by delicious... Read More
The Frugal Student: Top 3 Day Trip Destinations Near Perugia

Jul | 27

The summer is flying by and locals are flocking to the nearest beaches. But which are the best day trip destinations for your next visit to Perugia? This blog kicks off our summer blog features for The Frugal Student – a series... Read More
Mind, Body, and Soul: Staying Healthy While Studying Abroad

Nov | 29

by Emma Albertoni, University of Denver and Umbra Rep Fall ’19 Studying abroad can be one of the most exciting, wonderful, and rewarding experiences during a student’s time in college. Many universities offer programs all over the world for students... Read More
Breakfast Abroad. When US meets Italy… in Perugia

Oct | 17

By Taylor Feehan, University of Southern Maine and Fall 2019 Umbra Rep Italy has so much to offer. The beautiful scenery, the culture, the kind faces that you pass by every single day, and let’s not forget… the food &... Read More

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