5 Reasons to Participate in Community Engagement

Oct | 11

  By Nicole Flohr, Lebanon Valley College and Umbra Rep Fall ’19 Over 95 percent of Umbra students participate in community engagement each semester. Engaging in a meaningful way with the local community and Italian culture is one of the... Read More
Former Student Returns as Professor to Teach Cultural Communication

Jun | 26

[caption id="attachment_63837" align="alignright" width="250"] Rocco Catrone (right) and some students after their art therapy clinic at the Umbra Institute[/caption] An article by Rocco Catrone— adjunct faculty and Behavior Analysis practitioner at Elmhurst College, visiting professor and alumnus of the Umbra... Read More
Don’t Tell Rome

Jun | 01

by Teresa Cutler-Broyles Perugia has won. And it didn’t even know it was in a contest. When I arrived in 2014 for my first year of teaching at the Umbra Institute I had no idea what to expect. I’d never... Read More
Why You Should Study Abroad in Perugia

Jun | 01

By Kate Donati, College of William and Mary and Spring '19 Umbra Rep If you're like most students who come to study here, you have never heard of our little city before. I bet you a Turan Café cappuccino that... Read More
Learning Italian while Studying Abroad in Perugia

Jun | 01

By Gerardo Moceri, Arizona State University and Spring '19 Umbra Rep Studying abroad in a smaller town in a foreign country can be a scary thought at first, as the language barrier can sometimes be a lot. However, the experiences... Read More
Pigotta Dolls for Peace

Mar | 20

by Ruby Dann, University of Connecticut and Spring ’19 Umbra Rep My knowledge of Unicef used to be based off the colorful cardboard boxes we set out around the holidays to collect coins as donations for the organization. The boxes... Read More

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