Lessons from Orti Dipinti: Could this be Orto Sole’s Future?

Oct | 17

By Haley Benbow, Harvard University  A 6:35 AM meeting time pulled the students of the Green Cities class out of bed bright and early last Friday morning. We had a train to catch. We were heading to Florence to visit... Read More
Are kids too pressured to “succeed”? Lauren’s insight from the MPP program

Sep | 27

As a student at the Umbra Institute, I was introduced to learning through a new lens. Reading textbooks and taking tests were not part of the curriculum, because my professor understood the beneficial impact of collaboration, internal reflection and involving... Read More
Solidarity Purchasing Volunteering at Umbra with Fuori di Zucca

Sep | 21

At Umbra we very much value learning through experience and community. For this reason, Umbra offers students a wide range of volunteering and community engagement opportunities that not only enhance the quality of their abroad time, but also contribute to... Read More
Not yet another grammar book: Umbra’s new Italian 101 textbook

Sep | 12

Umbra's new Italian 101 textbook is many things. However, it is for sure not yet another generic Italian grammar textbook. Instead, the Umbra Italian faculty wanted a book tailored on the typical needs and experiences of US study abroad students.... Read More
Tim’s Internship at Terre Margaritelli: a fully immersive experience in the Wine Marketing field

Aug | 11

The Umbra Institute offer includes a unique internsip as Marketing and Sales Assistant for one of the most important local organic wineries of the area, Terre Margaritelli. Tim Ringie, one of Umbra's Fall 2021 students, came back for a fully... Read More
Umbra’s Community Urban Garden, Orto Sole, keeps flourishing: Katie’s exceptional contribution

Aug | 09

The Umbra Institute Community Garden Project at Orto Sole keeps flourishing. In particular, one of the Program trainees, Katie Kurtz, provided a priceless and fundamental contribution to the Orto Sole Project, staying with us a bit longer than the rest... Read More

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