“Wait, where the heck am I supposed to run?” A hobby jogging guide to Perugia

Oct | 18

  Blog and Photo by Elisa Martin of Williams College Perugia is a utopia– that is, until you lace up your sneakers. Coming from Massachusetts, where there may be more running trails than paved roads, finding places to run in... Read More
Study abroad in the city of chocolate

Oct | 13

Since the early 20th century, Perugia has cultivated an enduring relationship with chocolate. This deep-rooted affinity has manifested itself through a singular entrepreneurial affair involving the confectionery company Perugina: the company's abiding commitment has always been to link its creations... Read More
Exploring Perugia’s Gelato Scene: Top Picks from Umbra Institute Alumni

Sep | 07

Dear Umbra Institute students, Perugia is a city bursting with culture, history, and, most importantly, food! There is no better way to beat the heat and immerse yourself in Italian life than by indulging in some creamy, flavorful gelato. To... Read More
A Future Umbra Student’s Guide to Perugia

Aug | 28

Exploring Perugia's Pizza Scene: Top Picks from Umbra Institute Alumni This might sound a bit cheesy, but studying abroad, especially in Perugia, is an experience like no other as it is filled with enriching experiences that feed your mind, soul,... Read More
Unveiling the Roman Treasures of the Past: The Umbra Institute’s Summer 2023 Archaeological Discoveries

Jul | 20

  Each summer, the Umbra Institute's archaeological school program brings together aspiring archaeologists from around the world, offering a unique opportunity to unearth ancient treasures, unravel historical mysteries, and delve into the rich tapestry of Italian heritage. This summer’s 2023... Read More
Tradition and gender-based dynamics in the Italian cuisine: Dr Clelia Viecelli presents her research at the ASFS/AFHVS 2023 Conference

Jul | 20

Clelia Viecelli, PhD, Professor of Anthropology of Food and History and Culture of Food in Italy at The Umbra Institute recently came back from the 2023 ASFS/AFHVS Conference in Boston.  For our European-based readers who might not be informed about... Read More

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