Tandem Language Exchange Program Begins

Feb | 06

After the first month of intensive Italian language classes, it was encouraging to see such a large group of students appear for the first Tandem language exhange activity. More than 60 students - both Italians and Americans - gathered for... Read More
January Photo of the Month

Feb | 01

With a techno-savvy generation of students who show up in Perugia with laptops, iPods, and digital cameras, it's no surprise that there are plenty of photos being taken. In the first Photo of the Month contest, Rachel Paton won the... Read More
Students Visit the Cradle of Italy’s Printing Industry

Jan | 30

This Saturday, Umbra students were led to Città di Castello, a small Umbrian city famous in Italy as being the cradle of the country’s modern printing industry. The students had a tour of Italy’s oldest still-working printing company, run by... Read More
No Doubt – Winter’s Here

Jan | 25

Perugia, normally boasting countless outdoor cafes, sheltered by looming white umbrellas has now made the the unmistakable transformation into winter mode. What's normally a symbol of social encounters--the beloved fountain--the perfect meeting point between friends and romantics is now frequently... Read More
Students Soak in Hot Springs Under Umbrian Moonlight

Jan | 23

In the first of Umbra Institute’s “Lost Weekend” trips, fourteen students boarded a chartered bus with few details about their destination. The first stop for the group was a surprise dinner at “La Cantina,” a classic Umbrian restaurant in the... Read More
Umbra Signs Agreement with City of Perugia

Jan | 20

The Umbra Institute signed an agreement with the City of Perugia recognizing Umbra’s contribution to the local cultural and economic life. On January 19, Umbra Institute Director Charles Jarvis (in photo, right) and the City of Perugia’s Assessor of Culture,... Read More

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